En dan nu….

… tijd voor een klein beetje reclame.


Washes Clothes. . .
Just heap in the washing M’lady. . . flick the dial. . . and Thor’s agitator-action swirls out every particle of grit and grime. Then Thor overflow rinses the clothes as no other washer can. Dirt, soap and scum are flooded off . . . instead of being drained back into the fabrics. This Thor process equals eight ordinary rinses. Thor then “spins” the clothes ’til they’re 20% drier than wringer-dry. Some pieces you can iron immediately. And the average household wash for four people is done in less than an hour!

Washes Dishes . . .
A swift switch of inner tubs (it takes just 90 seconds) and Thor is a dishwasher to wash crockery, cutlery, glassware – a table service for six in one load – and all the pots and pans, too. Detergent-charged hot water sprays away the grease. . . gets dishes sparklingly, hygienically clean. “Fanned” air does the drying. Imagine, the washing-up and drying-up over and done with in just about four minutes! Not once, M’lady, are your hands in hot water.

Millions of housewives in America, England and 69 other countries are glad. . . they waited for Thor.

Available from Thor Dealers Everywhere
Box 87OJ G.P.O. MELBOURNE Box 50 P.O. Oxford St., SYDNEY Box 1189 G.P.O. BRISBANE Box 645F G.P.O. ADELAIDE Box 375 P.O LAUCESTON
West Australian Distributors: Cloaks Pty. Ltd., Box E271 G.P.O. PERTH

circa 1950s, Australia.

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